There’s Only One Baby Left

As I sit on the couch perusing the internet in peace, I suddenly realize that it’s painfully quiet this morning. I am exhausted from spending three days shadowing Harper, and should be enjoying the fact that I’m sipping my morning coffee and reading my favorite web sites while Reagan quietly naps.

For three days our house was complete chaos. I didn’t bother to clean up at the end of each day because I was too tired, and I just figured that we’d regroup after Harper went to school today and was all potty-trained.

The 3-day potty training method works. I will say that. Is there an easier, less-draining way? Probably. But, from what I can tell, we’re done. I’m sure she’ll have accidents over the next few weeks, but for the most part, it seems to have clicked. Harper was beyond proud of herself everytime she went to the bathroom. She would proclaim, “I’m a big girl. I went stinky poo poo on the toilet.” The smile on her face was priceless.

So, this morning when I went into her room to make her bed and put things away, I literally broke down. I don’t know why today is different, but as I looked around her room – her wall covered in Mickey and Tinkerbell stickers to symbolize each trip to the bathroom – I felt like I sent her off to college today. I feel like we woke up on Saturday with a baby, and woke up today with a big girl, who is one step closer to not needing me.

Don’t get me wrong. The fact that those giant poops were in the toilet and not in a diaper that I have to touch and clean up after is an amazing feeling. But I just can’t get over that she’s cruising around in underwear.

When Harper was born, I truly hated the baby phase. I never felt like time was flying by as everyone kept telling us. I never thought it was fun to just hold her, rock her, look at her. I wanted to be able to do fun things with her, and I could not wait for those days to come.

Now that those days have come, it has helped me enjoy being home with Reagan. I enjoy just looking at her baby face. I enjoy her sleeping on me. I enjoy her being so little and not throwing a fit over anything other than being hungry.

Harper is such a presence in our house. She is so full of energy and is always looking for something new to learn. There is nothing that she won’t try or do. She cooks with me, eats cereal with Daddy, helps change Reagan’s diaper, feeds Sanchez, brushes her teeth, walks Mickey around in his stroller, sings Twinkle Twinkle to Reagan when she’s tired, reads her books to Tinkerbell and puts lotion on her legs just like mommy.

She’s not a baby anymore and now I’m dreading every day that goes by and she gets older. She loves reminding us that she’s not a baby, and Reagan is a baby who wears a diaper.

Maybe I’ll leave her trail of stickers on her wall forever to remind me of the little girl who used to wear a diaper.


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One Response to There’s Only One Baby Left

  1. Jane says:

    Now you understand why I always want to do your laundry. It’s one of the few things I can still do for you. Harper will need you always.

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